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City of San Diego Council Policy contains all City policy statements adopted by resolution of the City Council. Each policy statement includes: a) a brief background description; b) the purpose of the policy; c) the policy statements; d) other criteria or procedural sections as required; and e) cross reference notations as to appropriate provisions in the City Charter, Municipal Code, Administrative Regulations, etc. The Council Policy is organized into policy subject classifications. By selecting the Council Policy Classification Guide, these policy subject classifications can be displayed and specific policies can be selected for viewing.

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These documents are available for viewing in Portable Document Format (PDF) using the free Adobe Reader. If you are unable to view the documents, please review the Help page or contact our office at (619) 533-4000 for alternative formats.

Policy No. Title
Table of Contents Table of Contents
cpd_000-00 Policy Guide
cpd_000-01 Council Policy Manual
cpd_000-02 Budget Process
cpd_000-10 Use of Council Chambers, Council Conference Room and Council Committee Room