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The new City Clerk Official City Documents web site is divided into the following three major sections and subsections.

  • City Clerk Legislative Documents
    (City Charter, Municipal Code, City Council Meetings, Reports to City Council, City Council Policies, City Council Committee Meetings, City Agency & Commission Meetings)

  • City Attorney Legal Documents
    (Memorandum of Law, Legal Opinions, Council Resolutions and Ordinances, Agency Resolutions and Ordinances, City Attorney Reports)
  • City Bulletin of Official Public Notices
    (Public Hearings, CEQA Notices & Documents, CEQA Notices of Rights to Appeal Environmental Determinations, Construction, Consultants, Land Use And Development, Materials/Equipment/Services, Miscellaneous, Ordinances/Resolutions)

In support of this new site, you are asked to test all screens that your department is responsible for maintaining.

Test Procedures

  1. Print this page for reference to the Testing Guidelines below.
  2. To begin your testing, go to the following Web page in our testing environment: http://www.sandiego.gov/city-clerk/officialdocs/. You may want to bookmark this URL in your browser.
  3. Use the on-line Customer Feedback Form to report defects found during your testing.
  4. Follow the Test Guidelines below when testing your selected sections of the Official City Documents public search and display screens.
  5. Please complete your initial testing by end-of-day Tuesday, July 17. The remainder of the week may involve several rounds of re-testing, depending on the scope of problems reported.

Testing Guidelines

  • Click all links within the text of each screen
  • Click all navigation buttons on each screen
  • Perform a Full Text Search for each section/subsection you are testing
  • Perform several types of advanced searches when an Advanced Search form is provided
  • Review & verify all search results
  • Click the Try another Search link
  • Perform a Full Text Search without a search string or using a misspelled word
  • Determine if error and informational messages are meaningful and user-friendly
  • Test dropdown navigation links at the top of each screen and within advanced search forms
  • Check screen appearance for consistency across the site
  • Compare search results between old system and new system
  • Exercise the site as you would use it in your daily operations
  • Keep our citizens in mind. How will they be using this new Web site?

If you have questions, please contact Diane Friscia.

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