San Diego

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Economic Development & Public Finance Section

Economic Development & Public Finance Section advises various City departments regarding local economic development programs, redevelopment wind-down functions, and public finance, securities, and disclosure issues. The Section drafts, negotiates, and reviews sophisticated contracts and documents and helps process numerous action items by the City Council and the Housing Authority. More specifically, the Section’s workload includes: assisting with the creation and ongoing administration of assessment districts, financing districts, and community parking districts and related contracts for the construction, maintenance, and repair of various public facilities; preparing contracts and evaluating issues related to the City’s administration of federal funding programs, including Community Development Block Grant funds, as well as local business incentive programs; facilitating the redevelopment Successor Agency’s implementation of the Long-Range Property Management Plan for non-housing assets and the City’s implementation of the Affordable Housing Master Plan for housing assets, including numerous new affordable housing projects; assisting with the completion of new bond issuances and the refunding of existing bond obligations, resulting in considerable cost savings on public debt for significant capital projects; and advising on matters related to the adoption and implementation of the City’s annual budget.

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