Special Litigation Unit

The Special Litigation Unit is responsible for litigating complex litigation, employment matters and appeals.

The Unit defends the City of San Diego, its employees, officials and departments in civil actions that are not considered "General Litigation" matters. The following are examples of the type of work performed by the Special Litigation Unit:

  • Defend the City in class action lawsuits.
  • Defend challenges to the constitutionality of City ordinances and City policies or practices.
  • Defend employment-related cases which include claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and FLSA wage and hour matters.
  • Defend the City in complex litigation - whenever any lawsuit against the City, by virtue of its size or level of difficulty, requires extra attention from the court, it is declared "complex," and its defense is transferred to the Special Litigation Unit.
  • Represent various City departments in administrative hearings before the Civil Service Commission and CalOSHA.
  • Prosecute and defend all appeals in State and Federal Courts.
  • Defend writs or other non-standard legal challenges, including employment-related administrative writs, alleged Brown Act and Public Records Act violations, election challenges, and actions involving provisions in the City Charter and Municipal Code.