San Diego

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Special Projects & Operations Division

1200 Third Avenue, Suite 1100
San Diego, CA 92101

Photo of Mary Nuesca

Mary Nuesca 
Assistant City Attorney

The Special Projects and Operations Division is responsible for the administration of services both internally and externally. The Division oversees recruitment, training, and professional development programs, creates office policies and procedures, and oversees the legal intern and volunteer program. The Division is involved in overseeing community outreach, including outreach to law schools and law firms, as well as K-12 schools and neighborhood associations to develop awareness and education around issues such as domestic violence, bullying, and human trafficking. The Assistant City Attorney for this Division is the Chief Diversity Officer for the Office and oversees diversity efforts.

The Division provides advice to the City on issues of unique complexity or urgency, and is responsible for advising the City on Special Projects, both short and long term, such as the redevelopment of Qualcomm Stadium, and potential expansion of the Convention Center, as well as addressing homelessness, and implementing state laws on marijuana.


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