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Mary Nuesca

Assistant City Attorney

Photo of Mary Nuesca

Mary Nuesca has been with the City Attorney's Office for over 26 years. She began her career in the Office as a summer intern, and has served as a criminal prosecutor, appellate lawyer, and legal advisor to the San Diego Police Department. She has over twenty years experience in the Advisory Division, and has worked on a variety of special projects including Bio-Tech Conventions, the Super Bowl, vice-related issues, homeless related issues, and medical marijuana. She has received numerous awards during her career, including commendations from two police chiefs. She has supervised the Office's training program for lawyers, as well as the intern program. She has advised the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, as well as the Committee on Gang Prevention and Intervention. During the past few years, Ms. Nuesca has sat on the dais with the City Council.

She received her undergraduate and law school degrees, both with honors, from the University of San Diego. Ms. Nuesca is a past president of the Pan Asian Lawyers Association of San Diego and the Filipino American Lawyers Association of San Diego.


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