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San Diego Police has reported several recent instances of a male in a truck following female juveniles.

The first case occurred in Rancho Santa Fe on Feb. 12. In that case, the male was described as Hispanic, 40-50, thick trimmed mustache, black closely cropped hair with curls on top, wearing dark aviator or large round sunglasses. The vehicle was described as a white-colored work truck, possibly Toyota, with tinted windows, gardening-type tools in the bed, with ladders positioned vertically in the bed.

Within the last week a similar instance occurred in the area of Carmel Country Rd. and Cloverhurst. The description of the vehicle and the driver was similar to the Rancho Santa Fe case. If anyone sees a similar vehicle/driver and the driver seems to be following any pedestrian(s) or acting suspiciously, please call SDPD's non-emergency number of (858) 484-3154 or 911 if you feel it is an immediate emergency.

Make sure your children know to call 911 if a stranger ever tries to lure them into a vehicle, and for your children never to approach strangers, especially in vehicles.

Composite of Suspect in Feb. 12 Incident

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