Councilmember Barbara Bry (District 1)

Managed Competition

Managed competition, an initiative San Diego voters approved in 2006, was implemented for the first time during Sherri?s first term in office. Managed competition allows for private firms to bid alongside city employees and encourages city departments to find new and innovative ways to cut costs while delivering high-quality services.

Sherri has supported managed competition while asking tough questions to ensure proper oversight and improved service levels. So far the city has completed the managed competition process for three departments: publishing, fleet services and street sweeping. In each case, city employees have won the bid. Combined, these changes will save taxpayers an estimated $6 million annually once instituted.

Other departments currently going through the managed competition process are sidewalk and street maintenance and landfill operations. The city recently announced that two more city functions ? storm water facilities operations and traffic engineering and operations ? will also undergo the managed competition process.