Councilmember Barbara Bry (District 1)

Street Repairs

Sherri shares the concern about the deterioration of our city streets. After years of deferred maintenance, our City's streets are in poor condition. Believing that basic city services need to be a top priority, Sherri is working to get our streets back in shape.Since taking office in December, 2008, we have resurfaced 27.3 miles of streets in District 1.

Winter Storms

Rain storms worsen the damage on already impacted City streets.Please report needed repairs to the City Streets Division at (619) 527-7500, or report online at Street Division Service Request.

Working for You on Street Repair

"Improving the condition of our City's streets will enhance the quality of life for our neighborhoods and make it more attractive to do business in our communities."
-Council President Sherri Lightner

Sherri issued a request on November 17, 2010 for street repairs in District 1. The sections of pavement she requested be repaired are some of the worst in our neighborhoods, based on concerns Sherri has heard from residents and field observations made by her staff.

PDF icon Read Sherri's request for additional street repairs

Responding to Sherri's request on January 11, 2011, the City has added an additional 8.6 miles of District 1 streets to the City's upcoming repair list. These include sections of Genesee Avenue, Prestwick Drive, Del Mar Heights Road, and Rancho Penasquitos Boulevard, among others.

PDF icon Read the City's response to Sherri's request for additional street repairs

If you have any questions about repairs, suggestions for additional streets to repair, or other comments, please contact our office.


Please contact our office to let us know where specific potholes are so we can work to get them filled. You can also report them online at Street Division Service Request or call (619) 527-7500.