Sherri S. Lightner

Photo of Councilmember Sherri S. Lightner

Sherri Lightner currently serves as Council President for the City of San Diego. She is the first female engineer to serve on the City Council, and the first female Council President. She has served as the Councilmember for District 1 in the City of San Diego since December, 2008.

Sherri's current priorities as Council President include economic development, and expanding the tech, cyber-tech and blue tech industries in San Diego, and working on the City's Water Policy to develop an affordable and sustainable water supply. She promotes STEM education and closing the job skills gap, and updating the City's Charter to make it work better for both our citizens and city departments. Sherri's additional priorities include addressing the City's infrastructure issues and restoring essential services such as police, fire, libraries and park and recreation hours.

Prior to being elected, Sherri was a tireless and effective community volunteer and leader, serving on multiple community planning organizations and committees. She has served as President of both the La Jolla Town Council (LJTC) and La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA), and as the Secretary of the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA). Over the years Sherri has become a knowledgeable expert in the planning and development process, the application (and abuse) of the San Diego Land Development Code, the applicable sections of the San Diego Municipal Code relating to community planning and development, and the California Environmental Quality and Coastal Acts (CEQA).

Sherri graduated from the University of California at San Diego (UC San Diego), first with a B.A. degree in both Mathematics and Sociology, and later with a M.S. degree in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences. She is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer. She worked in private industry for 23 years; 18 years at General Atomics and 5 years at Rohr Industries. After "retiring" from the engineering profession, she formed a small consulting business with her husband. She and her husband have lived in Council District 1 in La Jolla Shores for over 23 years.

Contact Sherri at (619) 236-6611 or via email at [email protected].