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Leslie Perkins, Land Use & Housing Committee Consultant

Land Use & Housing Committee Consultant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (619) 533-3982

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As the LU&H Committee Consultant, Perkins will serve as the point of contact for the public, city departments and Councilmembers on LU&H issues. She will be responsible for coordinating committee meetings, preparing agendas, and advising the Councilmember on LU&H policy.

Her previous experience includes five years as a Council Representative and the NR&C and Rules Committee Consultant for former Councilmember Jim Madaffer. She has written, analyzed, and developed recommendations for policy issues affecting water and energy resources, library systems, and parks and recreation departments. Perkins has also worked as a consultant for Allied Waste and the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation. Prior to her work with Councilmember Madaffer, Perkins was a Council Representative and Legislative Analyst for Deputy Mayor Harry Mathis, specializing in land use policy.

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