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Tarrant Seautelle, Council Representative

Council Representative

Photo of Tarrant Seautelle, Council Representative

Tarrant supports constituents in the communities of Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Mission Bay and provides policy support to Councilmember Harris on the Audit and Environment Committees. Prior to joining the District Two staff, Tarrant completed a master's degree in International Affairs at the University of California, San Diego's School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS), with an emphasis on environmental policy. While in the IR/PS program, Tarrant served on the Environmental Policy and Business Forum Committee, which brings together members from the academic, business, and environmental communities to discuss intersecting policy issues. Tarrant holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from UC San Diego, and has studied abroad in South Africa.

Tarrant is a former City of San Diego lifeguard who spends much of his free time surfing, paddling, and diving. He is also a climbing enthusiast who enjoys exploring San Diego's local climbing spots and weekend camping in Joshua Tree.

Contact Tarrant via email at [email protected].

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