Infrastructure Improvements

Photo of Road Surface

The Latest

On March 15, 2011, the City Council approved an additional $22 million of investment into our citywide streets and roads. In District Three, this will result in 19 more miles of street resurfacing before May 2012.

Check out these PDF icon lists or the PDF icon map to see the updated planned repairs.

Upgrades of our water and wastewater systems are also underway. Check out this PDF icon map to see the planned improvements.

PDF icon Streets Overall Condition Assessment Map ? District 3

Report Potholes

Please report all potholes by using the online reporting tool: If repairs are delayed, please contact my office so we can investigate.


Using the $103 million infrastructure bond we issued in 2009 and other funds, the City is aggressively investing in our streets, sidewalks and our water and wastewater systems.

Since I took office and proclaimed streets to be sexy, we have repaved 300 blocks of streets ? the equivalent of more than 27 miles -- in District Three.

Massive overhauls of water and sewer systems in University Heights and Kensington are nearly complete. We have also repaired 280 sidewalks in our communities.

What's Next

It is my priority to identify a plan to address our true Deferred Maintenance and Capital needs and finally fund them properly. Our current backlog of needed infrastructure projects is estimated to be $800-$900 million. Reducing this backlog and preventing further deterioration of our streets and facilities is one of my highest priorities. The City will begin by considering two new $100 million bond issuances in 2012 and 2015 to make progress on reducing the backlog, but additional bonds or other funds are needed to catch up completely.