Kensington Sign


The Kensington-Talmadge Community Association (KTCA) removed the Kensington community sign from its location above Adams Avenue in 2008 to address significant maintenance issues. Upon inspection, the sign, which is a designated historic resource and is owned by the KTCA, proved to be in need of greater attention than originally anticipated, sparking a great deal of community interest and input.

The Kensington-Talmadge Planning Group hosted a public forum focused on how best to proceed with reinstalling the sign. I was pleased that over 125 community members took time to share their ideas.

The Latest

The hallmark Kensington sign returned to its proper place just before Thanksgiving in 2010. Reinstalling the sign is the priority I shared with the community, and I was thrilled to help cut its ribbon at the Kensington Centennial Celebration Picnic with Mayor Jerry Sanders, Congresswoman Susan Davis and Supervisor Ron Roberts.

What's Next

The sign is once again welcoming people to the wonderful community of Kensington!