The Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee (PS&NS) recognized the need for additional oversight over the pedicab industry and took action on some new regulations at our meeting in June, prior to the tragic accident killing a female passenger downtown on July 4.

The Latest

On July 28, 2009, the City Council approved regulations to improve the safety and consumer protection related to pedicabs. The regulations include

  • Limiting the number of pedicabs operating in restricted zones downtown to 250. Currently, approximately 500 pedicabs operate in the area at the peak of the summer season.
  • Assigning Pedicab Identification Numbers
  • Requiring insurance
  • Posting legible and clear fare schedules in vehicles
  • Subjecting pedicab operators to the City's aggressive solicitation ordinance
  • Prohibiting pedicab operation on all streets with speed limits greater than 25 mph and on some streets with speed limits at or less than 25 mph because of parking and traffic concerns

For more information, you may look at the full materials for Item 330 from the Council hearing (link opens in new window).