Stephen Hill

Senior Policy Advisor

Photo of Stephen Hill

Stephen has served the public for more than 20 years through his work for various elected officials at the state and local levels. He began his career with Assemblywoman Lucy Killea in 1988, and continued with her throughout her seven-year term in the State Senate, serving as her District Director in 1995 and 1996. He also worked with Senator Dede Alpert at the beginning of her first term in the Senate. At the local level, Steve served as a Senior Policy Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff for Councilmember Toni Atkins, and was also a policy advisor and speech writer for San Diego Mayor Susan Golding during the final two years of her term.

Steve has also managed several local political campaigns. With a long history of community volunteerism, he also served for five years as President of the North Park Community Association, as well as on the executive committees for the North Park Toyland Parade and the Citizen's Coordinate for Century 3.

For Councilmember Gloria, Steve works on issues related to land use, housing, homelessness, the environment, arts and culture, leases and historic preservation matters, and serves as the Councilmember's representative to Balboa Park and the neighborhoods of Burlingame and Old Town.

Steve can be reached by email at [email protected]