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Z-Council President Pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe (District 4) (DO NOT USE)

D4 Development

San Diego City Council District 4 is a diverse community, rich with dedicated individuals advocating for an improved overall quality of life. In addition to advocating for better neighborhood services, community members are also passionate in tackling racial, social, economic, and environmental justice issues within the city of San Diego. The Office of Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe has championed policy changes and amplified the community’s voice.

Based on interactions with the community, three (3) pillars of governance have emerged to help with improving the overall quality of life in District 4:

  1. Reimagining Public Safety
  2. Economic Opportunity for All
  3. Clean, Safe and Healthy Communities

Our vision for the district is to activate open spaces, attract investment, and create pathways to middle-class careers.

District 4 Development

District 4 Business Listing

Welcome to the Council District 4 Business Listing page. In an effort to make it easier to locate businesses operating within the district, we are making this list available on our website.

All businesses operating in the City of San Diego are required to register for a Business Tax Certificate. The City of San Diego Issues a "Business Tax Certificate" instead of a business license. Issuance of the Business Tax Certificate acknowledges payment of business taxes. This listing is not an implied endorsement of the products and/or services offered.

The Council District 4 Business Listing is provided courtesy of the Office of the City Treasurer. If you have questions about this list or want to be added to this list, please call 619-615-1500 or email