Myrtle Cole

Council President District 4

Photo of Myrtle Cole

Council President Myrtle Cole was sworn in as a member of the San Diego City Council on December 10, 2014. She is the first African-American woman elected to serve on the City Council and the first woman to represent the Fourth Council District. Myrtle has worked in the Fourth District since 1977 and has lived in the Rolando Park Community for more than 20 years.

Myrtle attended the University of Arizona and then joined the Tucson Police Department. She moved to San Diego to continue her career in policing, rising to the rank of lieutenant with the San Diego Community College District's Police Department. After 11 years as a police officer, Myrtle pursued and obtained an MBA from National University. Shortly thereafter, Myrtle accepted a position with the San Diego City Council to help implement Community-oriented Policing. Continuing her community advocacy, Myrtle worked with Deputy Mayor George Stevens and Councilmembers Charles Lewis and Tony Young. Immediately prior to her first election, Myrtle worked for the United Domestic Workers (UDW) who provides in-home services to thousands of low-income seniors, children and people living with disabilities.

In 2009, Myrtle received the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Award for her community service. In 2010, the NAACP honored her with the coveted A. Philip Randolph Award for educational leadership that strengthens the African-American community. In 2014, Myrtle was honored as Public Official of the Year by Neighborhood Market Association for being a champion of community and her outstanding leadership style. St. Stephen's Cathedral Church of God in Christ also honored Myrtle with the 2014 Women's Community Leader Award.

Myrtle is widely acclaimed as a passionate leader on the Council in the fight for increased public safety, infrastructure improvements, neighborhood revitalization, economic development and quality jobs.

During her tenure, Myrtle is putting neighborhoods first and getting things done. She continues to make the redevelopment of the District's commercial corridors a top priority, working with labor, civic leaders, and business to bring good jobs and quality retail to the heart of the community. Myrtle offered workforce housing offset legislation to address the issue of quality affordable housing. Myrtle has also successfully advocated for millions of dollars for projects and programs that will pave streets, fix sidewalks, build a new library, improve emergency response times and public safety resources.

Council President Cole serves as:

  • Chair, Rules Committeee
  • Representative, SANDAG Board of Directors
  • Representative, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

Contact Council President Cole at (619) 236-6644 or via email at