Eric L. Miller

Community Representative

Photo of Eric L. Miller

Eric L. Miller has been a Fourth District resident for 39 years. A Navy veteran and retired Civil Servant with Department of Defense. He received his Bachelors and Master Degree in Theological Studies and Ministerial Counseling from Andersonville Seminary. Eric received the San Diego State University certification for "Community Economic Development." Eric has worked with Councilmember George Stevens on several community projects to employ the youth and organize community clean-ups for the Fourth District. Eric has served as a member of the Citizens Review Board on Police Practice; Title 1 "No Child Left Behind," and the Unmet Needs Chairman for Hurricane Katrina, under Councilmember Tony Young.

Eric is honored to serve under Councilmember Myrtle Cole, as a Community Representative and believes in the Councilmember’s passion and heart for the Fourth District.

Eric can be reached by email at [email protected].