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Luis Natividad

Senior Community Advisor

Photo of Luis Natividad

Luis Natividad has served as the Community Affairs Specialist and Field Staff Coordinator for San Diego City Deputy Mayor George Stevens, and for Councilman Charles Lewis for 2 years. He owned his business and used his administrative skills as owner of a limousine service. Because of his employment the in food, grocery and retail management he was able to develop the first San Diego Food Bank. He was the Executive Director of the Chicano Federation of San Diego County, Inc. in the early seventies, he worked for the Neighborhood House Association and helped co-found National City-based Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee (MAAC) – which has grown to become South Bay's largest private nonprofit human service agency. Additionally, he held the position of interim executive director for a drug prevention residential home and a narcotic prevention program. He has also served as administrative assistant to former County Supervisors Jack Walsh (District 1 and Jim Bates (District 4).

Luis Natividad serves as a Senior Community Advisor to Council President Cole and represents the Alta Vista, Greater Skyline Hills, Jamacha, Lomita Village, Bay Terraces, and Paradise Hills communities in Council District 4. 

Contact Luis via email at [email protected].

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