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Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) Systems

Save Water, Save Money

More than half of residential water is applied to home landscapes, however, many landscapes are overwatered due to sprinkler controllers that are not programmed properly.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) systems use smart technology to optimize the use of water needed for irrigation.

“Conserving water is a way of life in San Diego, regardless of drought status. The weather-based irrigation controller systems that are part of this pilot program could save one million gallons of water annually. A WBIC will save water and reduce the homeowner’s water bills, all in an effortless manner,” stated Councilmember Chris Cate.

Being weather-based and synchronized with an on-site weather sensor, a WBIC will know when to skip a watering if rain is in the forecast.

$12,000 from the City of San Diego’s Community Projects, Program & Services Funding Program was allocated by Council District 6 to the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department to purchase 120 Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) Systems for San Diegans.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC)

Download your WBIC application here: PDF icon Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Application

WBIC Information:

The City of San Diego will provide a $100 rebate for a WBIC of their choice.


District 6 Contact:


Ian Clampett (619) 533-6469 or [email protected]

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