Councilmember Georgette Gómez (District 9)

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City Leaders Unite to Improve Neighborhoods

Councilmember Emerald applauds putting neighborhoods first by addressing ciritical public safety needs and moves forward on our public infrastructure needs.

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City Heights

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Curfew Times and Our Children's Safety

Keeping our children safe is one of the most important things we can do as a community. Every month, the San Diego Police Department, with the help of many volunteers, conducts a curfew sweep in the Mid-city, teaching both kids and their parents about the importance of being home, safe and sound, at curfew time.

One problem is there are different curfew times in different cities in San Diego County. The City has a 10 PM curfew and would like to make it standard across the County.

This video helps explain why this is vital.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video and please let your community know you share our concern.

Marti Emerald