Councilmember Georgette Gómez (District 9)

Fox Canyon

Fox Canyon?s name was inspired by a resident family of foxes observed in the neighborhood?s canyons. Once confirmed by additional residents that they too had seen a couple of furry foxes and their off-spring dashing among the cacti that line the canyon beds, the name seemed more than appropriate.

A five-finger canyon shapes the topology of the Fox Canyon neighborhood. At the heart of this canyon stands the Auburn Creek, which traverses the eastern part of City Heights and extends from University Avenue to Euclid Avenue, and travels further to the South. Auburn Creek passes through Fox Canyon and links to the greater Chollas Creek. Together, the canyons and the creek constitute a natural wetland (flood plain) and drainage system that has been, until now, only partially disrupted by the intense pressures of urbanization.

The Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association was founded on October 23, 1997, by a group of 44 residents and guests under the leadership of Jose Lopez and Carol Sullinger. This group of residents pledged their commitment to work hard to fight neighborhood crime, noise, graffiti, and general environmental decay, and to improve the physical surroundings and the quality of life in what is now known as Fox Canyon, with the goal to make it the community of choice within City Heights. The Fox Canyon neighborhood is home to a diverse community. The Somali community in San Diego has made Fox Canyon their home, along with other areas in City Heights, at the Auburn Park Apartments. The community is committed to keeping their neighborhood clean and safe for their families and children.

Transportation in this area is characterized by many one-way streets, speed bumps and stop signs, installed through neighborhood action.

Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association

2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:15 p.m.
Auburn Park Apartments, community room
5123 University Ave.
President: Jose Lopez, [email protected]