Councilmember Georgette Gómez (District 9)


Ridgeview is one of the neighborhoods of City Heights and is made up of Ridgeview Drive, Baily Avenue and all of the streets that come from those main roads. It sits on a Mesa surrounded by the Chollas Creek and its Auburn Branch. It is a group of single-family homes, mostly owner-occupied, mostly built around 1960. It's residents are a diverse group, encompassing all types of peoples - and the unique character of the homes are a representation of that diversity

The Ridgeview Neighborhood Association?s mission is to have a neighborhood that is safe, aware, clean and respectful. They believe that communities grow stronger and improve their quality of life when the people in them work together. It is minutes from downtown, freeways and shopping centers. Ridgeview is a great place to live, with a good quality of life.

The northern portion of Ridgeview is predominantly single-family residential, with the southern section dedicated to industrial use. Chollas Creek runs through it in a southwesterly direction.

Community Meetings

Ridgeview Neighborhood Association
Meets quarterly (January, April, July, October)
2135 Ridgeview Drive
San Diego, CA 92105