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College Area

College Area

The College Area is a dynamic residential community situated south of the Interstate 8, just west of the City of La Mesa. First developed during the 1930s, the College Area is home to San Diego State University, a portion of the historic El Cajon Boulevard commercial district, Alvarado Hospital, and countless charming and historic neighborhoods. The College Area reflects both tradition and change, and is home to a diverse mix of long-time residents and SDSU students, an evolving commercial corridor featuring new and established businesses catering to families and freshmen alike, and highly-anticipated annual events?including the Boulevard Boo! Parade and Taste of the College Area-that celebrate this multifaceted community.

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College Area Community Planning Group & College Area Community Council

Meets the second Wednesday every month at 7 pm
Faith Presbyterian Church
5075 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92115
Chair: Rhea Kuhlman, [email protected]


Good Neighbor Program
The Good Neighbor Program is run by the Associated Students at San Diego State University. Residents can contact the program by calling 619-594-SAFE or emailing [email protected].

Mesa Colony

The Mesa Colony Community Group is a neighborhood of the College Area comprising residential and business neighbors from the north side of El Cajon Blvd. to Alvarado Rd. and from Reservoir Dr. to 70th St.

Mesa Colony Neighborhood Association

Meets the third Wednesday every month at 6:30 pm
College-Rolando Branch Library, Community Room
6600 Montezuma Rd.
Chair: Terry Shirley, [email protected]

Catoctin Area

The Catoctin Area comprises the neighborhood bounded by Montezuma Road to the south, Alvarado Rd to the north, Alumni Place to the East and Shane Place to the west. The area includes Catoctin Drive, Leo Street, La Dorna Street, Alumni, Shane, Richard, Julie, Gary, Leo and Cleo Streets as well as Roxy Lane and Saxon.

Catoctin Area Neighbors

Meets the 3rd Wednesday every other month (odd months) at 6:30 pm
Chair: Saul Amerling, [email protected]

Dennstedt Point

Dennstedt Point is a neighborhood encompassing Lenore Drive, Judson Way, Cleo Street, Julie Street and Richards Street.

Dennstedt Point Neighborhood Watch

Meets the fourth Saturday every other month at 10 am
Location rotates among member homes Captain (emeritus): Parrish Nnambi, [email protected]

East Falls View Drive

East Falls View Drive is a neighborhood of the College Area comprising residences along East Falls View Drive between Montezuma Drive and West Falls View Drive, and Adobe Drive.

East Falls View Drive Neighborhood Watch

Meets the first Monday every other month (beg January) at 6:30 pm
5223 East Falls View Drive
Captain: Lisa Gruber, [email protected]

College Area Economic Development Corporation

The College Area Economic Development Corporation, commonly known as “College Area Business District” is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The organization serves as a business advocacy organization meeting the needs of business owners and commercial property owners within the district. The District boundaries are El Cajon Boulevard between 54th Street and 73rd Street, on Montezuma Road north of El Cajon Boulevard and College Avenue north of El Cajon Boulevard up to and including the businesses on San Diego State University campus.

The College Area Economic Development Corporation manages both the College Area Business Improvement District and the College Heights Enhanced Maintenance Assessment District to improve the commercial area.

College Area Economic Develpment Corporation


Meets the third Wednesday every month at 12pm
4704 College Avenue
San Diego CA 92115
Chair: Paul Russo
Executive Director Jim Schneider: (619) 582-1093, [email protected]

Visit the College Area BID website for all BID Newsletters and current information.

Other Groups

The College Neighborhoods Foundation was initiated in 1997 by a group of community volunteers with the mission of helping to enhance the quality of life and revitalize business in the College Area. Contact (619) 757-1303 or [email protected].



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