Public Safety and Neighborhood Services (PS&NS) Committee Meeting at City Heights

Photo of Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhood ServicesPhoto of Police Chief at MeetingPhoto of People at Meeting

On Saturday, July 25th, for the first time ever, the 3 City Councilmembers who represent the unique and diverse community of City Heights met for a special meeting of the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhood Services. PS&NS Committee Chair Marti Emerald, District 7, along with councilmembers Tony Young, District 4 and Todd Gloria, District 3, met with area residents to discuss a variety of issues including truancy, prostitution, graffiti, and code compliance. Residents have been requesting a meeting like this for several years and it finally happened.

More than 50 people were there to share their ideas and concerns. Some are worried about the blight of foreclosed properties. Others want something done about illegal food vendors. RV parking and vehicles left for days at a time with for sale signs in the windows are an issue with some residents. So are yard sales.

San Diego Police Chief William Landsdown, Assistant Chief Boyd Long, several members of Mid-City's Finest, and representatives from the City Attorney's office were in attendance to update the community on these and other issues.

One area of interest to those gathered was keeping kids off the streets late at night. During the summer months, more children are out at night so Mid-City Police have been doubling their efforts, conducting curfew sweeps twice during the month of July. Parents are reminded that curfew within San Diego city limits for juveniles under the age of 18 is 10 PM - 6 AM. There are a few exceptions. Additional information on the curfew is available.

Chairwoman Marti Emerald has asked the chair of the SANDAG Public Safety Committee to consider standardizing the curfew time throughout San Diego County.

Everyone in attendance agreed that this meeting was a huge success and hope to have another one in the near future.

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