East Falls View Drive Speed Bump Installed

Photo of speed lumpPhoto of finished speed bump

The residences of East Falls View Drive were having a problem with people speeding down their street for years. After much work and dedication from community member Nancy Childers a speed lump was installed on their street in hopes of reducing the amount of speeding motorists. This effort was to no avail, the large gap in the center of the lump which is for emergency vehicles was being taken advantage of by motorists who would drive through the center to avoid the lump and continue speeding down the road. It was evident that speed lumps were not the answer a full speed bump is what was needed.

On January 29th Nancy Childers contacted Councilmember Marti Emerald, and informed Marti and the Councilmember’s staff of the ordeal she had been going through since January 2006. Staff member Cynthia Harris immediately made phone calls and in a few months speed lumps were installed. Once those were shown to be of little effect Nancy again contacted Council Representative Harris who again was able to aid the members of the community. On August 11th 2009 a speed bump was installed in the place of the speed lumps. It is our hope that these bumps will be able to help the community of East View Drive control their speeding problem and keep all the families there safe.

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