"Thursdays with Marti" - August 6, 2009

Photo of Thursdays with Marti, August 6, 2009Photo of Thursdays with Marti, August 6, 2009

On Thursday August 6, Councilmember Marti Emerald was out in the community for "Thursdays with Marti". The day started with Marti meeting community leaders at the Harriet Tubman Village Charter School which is the future sight of a joint use park. The Councilmember worked very closely with the community to make this possible.

From there the Council Member was off to the College Area Rolando Library where she and several of her staff members met with several neighborhood watch groups. In these meetings The Councilmember was told of concerns that the members of the Rolando community have. Councilmember Emerald is always happy to go out and meet with her community and discus how together they can build work for a better district 7.

There are no breaks for Councilmember Emerald after the community meeting s it was off to Veterans Village for a tour a this wonderful facility. Veterans' Village is dedicated to extending assistance to needy and homeless veterans of all wars and eras and their families by providing housing, food, clothing, substance abuse recovery and mental health counseling, job training and job search assistance. Veterans' Village currently houses 155 Veterans ranging from W.W. II to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Councilmember talked to some of the men, women housed at Veterans' Village and its staff members. Marti was told by Chief Executive Officer Phil Landis, Mr. Landis spoke to the Councilmember and told her of all the good Veterans' Village does and of some of their success stories.

After meeting with the guests and the staff of Veterans' Village Marti and her staff went to visit the staff and the young women of Take Wing, Take Wing is a housing program designed specifically for homeless and potentially homeless youth. This program offers youths a safe place to live at a very affordable price. The youths are also thought very valuable life skills such as how to prepare a resume and how to properly dress for an interview. This program has helped many of San Diego's youths and really set them on a track for success.

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