Wandermere Drive Repaved

Photo of a Repaved Wandermere DrivePhoto of a Repaved Wandermere Drive

"You definitely know the right buttons to push. All I can say (and it seems inadequate) is Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!" Mary Majors

"I am surprised, very pleased and impressed that your efforts got something done. You have my thanks and my respect for all your efforts in connection with this issue." Don Stevenson

That issue is Wandermere Drive, a busy stretch of road which passes Patrick Henry High School. It was bumpy, had potholes and was becoming dangerous.

After being contacted by people who live in this San Carlos/Del Cerro neighborhood, District 7 Council Representative Chris Pearson took the issue about this deteriorating road to Councilmember Marti Emerald. Ms. Emerald came out, took a look, and agreed; Wandermere Drive couldn't wait for the utility undergrounding project scheduled for sometime in 2011. It needed work ASAP! Although some patching of the road was done earlier this summer, that wasn't enough. On Monday, August 17th, this asphalt "topping" project began.

Marti Emerald has a team of hard-working, results-driven council representatives covering all of District 7 and is proud to have what she calls "the best team in the City of San Diego." And it is a team. Councilmember Marti Emerald and Representative Chris Pearson tackled this project with area residents - as a team - and now, people who drive along this stretch of road will have fewer rattles -- in their cars and their nerves.

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