TV's Amazing Race Winners from District 7

Photo of TV's Amazing Race Winners Meghan and Cheyne

February 2, 2010 was proclaimed to be "Meghan and Cheyne: Amazing Race Winners Day" in the City of San Diego, and Councilmember Marti Emerald said, "We are proud to say that these contestants are lifelong residents from the San Carlos area of District Seven." Meghan Rickey, age 24, and Cheyne Whitney, age 23, both attended Pershing Middle School and Patrick Henry High School together. They competed together in the 11th season of The Amazing Race and won. The race took them on adventures all over the world in places such as: Japan, Cambodia, Dubai, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, the Czech Republic and finally ending in Las Vegas. They tied the record for most leg races won by coming in first five times and had to do other activities such as volleyball in knee deep mud and unrolling bales of hay. Their prize for winning the race was one million dollars but Cheyne said, "The money is not even as important as what we got to do together," and although the couple's travels took them around the world they said, "We always kept San Diego in our hearts." Councilmember Emerald congratulated the two on their remarkable achievement adding, "They are fantastic role models to San Diego's youth."

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