Lake Murray Sinkhole

Photo of Lake Murray SinkholePhoto of Lake Murray Sinkhole

A large sinkhole at San Carlos Bay in Lake Murray has been repaired, at least temporarily. After the heavy rains in January, old, rusted pipes caused erosion under the pedestrian pathway which caused a large sinkhole.

After touring the area last week, Councilmember Emerald requested a plan for both a temporary repair and a permanent solution. Temporary repairs have been completed and the permanent solution is in the works.

The Councilmember requests the patience and understanding of the many San Diegans who use this pathway for recreation. "Lake Murray is one of San Diego's most popular spots to run, walk, in-line skate, or to just enjoy the view," said Emerald, and added, "We all look forward to restoration of full recreational use of Lake Murray and the addition to improvements which will last and benefit generations of San Diegans to come."

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