El Cerrito Palm Trees Finally Trimmed

Photo of tree trimming in El CerritoPhoto of tree trimming in El Cerrito

On June 1st, after working diligently with Urban Corps, Team D7 was able to have the palm trees and a few streets in El Cerrito cleaned up. A resident on 55th and Madison originally contacted Councilmember Emerald's office in January. These palm trees, which are a signature of this part of El Cerrito, used to be trimmed by the City every July; however the budget cuts eliminated tree maintenance with the exception of emergencies. Our office worked diligently with the Urban Corps to help clean up the palm fronds, which, in addition to creating a real mess, were creating a tripping hazard all along the sidewalk and street. Urban Corps had only one truck with a trimmer that lifted high enough to trim the tall palm trees but that truck was in need of repair. They were finally able to fix the problem on the truck which means the trees were trimmed in El Cerrito. A big thank you to all of the people involved for getting this issue resolved.