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Compliance Department

Employer Requirements

Contractors and subcontractors must meet basic Living Wage Ordinance (LWO) requirements on covered contracts. Further details are provided in  San Diego Municipal Code Division 42 and Rules of Implementing LWO.

Wages and Health Benefits: Pay covered employees no less than the Current Living Wages (adjusted annually on July 1) including hourly health benefit amount or, if lesser amount is applied toward health plan, add difference to hourly wage rate as cash payment. See Health Premium Hourly Cost Calculation for more information.

Hours Off: Provide minimum of 80 paid hours off per year for vacation, illness, or personal need at employee's request and, when accrued paid hours off have been used, provide 80 additional unpaid hours off for personal or immediate family illness. See Proportional Compensated Leave Calculation for more information.

Notify Employees: Post in visible location at work site(s) and annually distribute to covered employees with the first paycheck to occur after July 1: the LWO Notice to Employees (English) LWO Notice to Employees (Spanish), LWO Notice to Employees (Vietnamese); information regarding the possible availability of health insurance coverage under the  Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ Ley de Cuidado de Salud Asequible; and information about the possible right to  Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)/ El Crédito Tributario por Ingreso del Trabajo.

Certify Compliance: Submit LWO Certification of Complianceat award; ensure applicable subcontractors file LWO Certification within 30 days.

Annual Report: Upon request provide annual report to City regarding LWO compliance. LWO Contractor Compliance Report 

City Access to Records: Permit access to LWO work sites and records for authorized City representatives and maintain LWO wage and benefit records for three to seven years after final payment.

Prohibit Retaliation against any employee who alleges non-compliance with LWO.

Payroll Reporting Requirements: Contractor and its subcontractors shall submit weekly certified payroll records online via the City's web-based Labor Compliance Program, PRISM©. For training on how to navigate PRISM click on link.