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About the Office of the City Comptroller

Mission Statement

To provide timely and accurate financial services and information to City management, elected officials, and the public in order to effectively manage public resources.


The Office of the City Comptroller (Comptroller) performs the general accounting and financial reporting functions for the City of San Diego. It is also responsible for payment services, including payroll processing for the City's approximately 10,600 employees and centralized processing for all vendor payments. In addition, the Comptroller is responsible for implementing and monitoring internal controls over financial reporting and assisting departments in the implementation and monitoring of controls over operations.

The Comptroller prepares numerous financial reports for internal and external use. The most significant external financial report is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) which includes an accounting of all City funds and its component units, including related disclosures. The Comptroller also prepares the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards included as part of the City's Single Audit of federal assistance programs. Additionally, the Comptroller prepares the Charter Section 39 report to provide the Mayor and City Council a summary statement of revenues and expenditures for each month, including appropriations and prior year comparable revenue and expenditure data.



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