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Accounts Payable Section

Help Desk Phone: (619) 236-6310

The Accounts Payable Section is responsible for producing accurate and timely payments to the City's vendors. On average, approximately 2,000 payments are processed weekly.

Accounts Payable Activities

  • Responding to payment requests in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Performing a post-audit and reconciliation of warrant checks to source documents before warrant checks are released.
  • Processing accounts payable documents (purchase order invoices and direct payments) and construction payments.
  • Researching and responding to vendor and department Accounts Payable inquiries and requests. This may entail voiding checks, processing stop payment requests, providing the status of check payments, and providing copies of warrant check backup.
  • Processing levies received from Federal, State and Local agencies.
  • Training and development, including one-on-one training of department contacts and working with departments to address efficiency standards.

Accounting Operations and Disbursements

Accounting Operations [AO] is the central area for all payment disbursements review and approval. This core group of Accountants and Account Audit Clerks are specially trained to review all payments, for consistent application of city rules, regulations, certification of funding, and authority limits and accurate back up and city benefit.

This staff are the payment approval experts for the City, and centering on this function allows for a faster turnaround time for both Direct Payments and Purchase Orders. Eventually AO will be reviewing all financial transactions (JV’s, interfunds, wires, etc) that are passed to AMRIS and will be responsible for the accuracy and timely updates of all accounting records. All questions regarding DP’s, PO’s 1472’s and CM 1544’s should be directed to the Comptroller Helpdesk which is also an arm of AO as well as Accounts Payable.

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