Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting section is primarily responsible for compiling, reconciling, and presenting the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), as well as providing the highest quality information possible to the City of San Diego's decision makers.

Financial Reporting Section Activities

  • Drafting financial statements, footnotes, statistical tables, Management's Discussion and Analysis, and the Letter of Transmittal.
  • Preparing Government-wide reconciliations including transfers, working capital advances, and cash balances.
  • Coordinating the annual CAFR audit. As liaisons between the Comptroller's Office and the outside audit firm, all audit requests, updates, reconciliations, and supporting documents are managed by this section.
  • Presenting the CAFR to the Disclosure Practices Working Group and the Audit Committee before the formal presentation to the City Council.
  • Preparing the annual State Controller's Report, Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs) cash flow statements, and the current year interim reports for all budgeted funds (Charter 39 Report).