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Receiving Invoices and Processing Vendor Payments

Here are the top ten things to remember when receiving invoices in the Accounts Payable system and processing vendor payments.

  1. Ensure that all invoices sent to Comptroller's AP have been "received" in the system via the C7503 screen.
  2. Pay attention to tax codes. For tax codes "U" and "T", only enter the invoice subtotal – do not include sales tax.
  3. Certify all invoices that are copies and older than 60 days. This can be done via the C7506 screen.
  4. If you are paying for freight/shipping and handling on an invoice, and the PO is set up for freight, be sure to key the freight amount on the freight line.
  5. To determine if invoices you sent to Comptroller's for payment have been processed by AP staff, please go to the C7501 screen, F4 key. This will show you all the checks that have been issued by Purchase Order with corresponding invoice numbers.
  6. Be sure to attach any credits to the front on your Receiving Report and mark them as credits. However, when keying in invoices in which credits will be applied to, do not deduct the credit amount from the invoice total. This will be done by AP staff when processing.
  7. Ensure that the Receiving Report matches your invoices – both in quantity received and amount.
  8. If you make a mistake when receiving invoices into the system, notify the Comptroller HelpDesk (619) 236-6303 so that the entry can be deleted. If the entry is not deleted and no invoices are processed against the entry, it will remain active and the PO cannot be closed until the entry has either been deleted or an invoice is processed against it.
  9. If you are sending a check back to AP for it to be voided, be sure to mark it as "Voided" and include a reason for the void.
  10. Any modifications to a PO, or vendor information must go through Purchasing and/or Accounting Operations.
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