San Diego

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Section

Phone: (619) 235-5800

The Payroll Section is responsible for producing an accurate and timely payroll to all city employees. The City’s biweekly payroll averages approximately $27,000,000 paid to 9,700 City employees.

  • Processing, directing and reviewing the City employees' payroll activities. This includes verifying, reconciling and distributing payroll advices/warrants, processing garnishments and attachments, and processing catastrophic leave requests.
  • Processing deferred compensation, SPSP, 401(K), and employee supplemental payments originating in other departments (e.g., mileage and travel reimbursements, moving expenses, and flex benefits).
  • Preparing and processing employee supplemental payments (e.g., uniform, auto and tool allowances, extended military leave differential, bid to goal, and pay for performance).
  • Reconciling quarterly and annual taxes, and distributing W-2's.
  • Conducting payroll training classes for departmental payroll specialists.
  • Reconciling payroll, wire transfer of funds, and reporting of income to appropriate third parties (e.g.,IRS, EDD, Wells Fargo, VALIC, Retiree Health Trusts, SDCERS, and Employee Labor Unions).