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Reorganization Effort

In an effort to optimize expenditures of public resources, and to strengthen controls over financial reporting, the Comptroller's Office has made an effort to identify and prioritize our office's business objectives and have developed a plan aimed at achieving those objectives more efficiently, effectively and accurately.

The reorganization plan realigns job duties among our existing divisions and establishes a new division so that similar tasks can be more logically grouped together (based on the nature of those tasks and the skill sets needed to perform them).

This reallocation should help us in two ways: existing jobs should be accomplished more efficiently (due to increased specialization, more focused training, and the opportunity to automate repetitive processes); a new, smaller Financial Reporting and Budget Division will result in an increased emphasis on, and accountability for the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) preparation process. The division currently responsible for the CAFR is unnecessarily large, causing a dilution of the focus and attention placed on the CAFR.

As part of this reorganization, we have identified four major business processes that we want to review and re-engineer by utilizing special project teams. Eventually all of our major business processes will be visited and revamped as necessary for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

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