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Proprietary and Fund Accounting Section

The Proprietary Section services Enterprise (Water, Sewer, Airports, Golf, Development Services, Environmental Services, and Recycling) and certain Internal Service Funds (Fleet Services, Central Stores, Energy Conservation, and Publishing Services). The section staff assists with processing customer department transactions and provides accounting and technical support for these departments. Enterprise Accountants prepare the fund level financial statements for inclusion in the City?s annual CAFR.

Proprietary Funds

Enterprise Funds account for specific goods and services that are funded directly through fees from external users. As the second largest fund type in the City, Enterprise Funds are intended to be fully self-supporting. These funds operate similar to a private business and use full accrual accounting. Internal Service Funds account for goods and services provided by one City department or division to another on a cost-reimbursement basis.

Proprietary Section Activities

  • Drafting related financial statements, footnotes, and sections of the Management?s Discussion and Analysis.
  • Preparing the Schedule of Allocation for Billing to Metropolitan System (Exhibit E).
  • Preparing fund level statements for inclusion in the Enterprise and Internal Service components of the annual State Controller?s Report.
  • Developing and monitoring various Service Level Agreements (SLA) with client departments.
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