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"Official Automated External Defibrillator Partner of the City of San Diego"

The City of San Diego has a Marketing Partnership Agreement with Cardiac Science. The revenue from this partnership provides funding to operate and sustain San Diego's Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program, San Diego Project Heart Beat. Project Heart Beat helps improve the survivability of sudden cardiac arrest victims in San Diego.

  • The Program makes Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) as accessible as fire extinguishers in any and all public and private arenas including city and county facilities, businesses, tourist attractions and facilities, healthcare facilities and educational facilities
  • Training, operational support and funding for the program are provided through an annual marketing rights fee and an incremental fee based on the sale of Cardiac Science AED's in San Diego County
  • San Diego Project Heart Beat has deployed over 4,800 AED units throughout the communities of San Diego County
  • To date, San Diego Project Heart Beat has saved 90 lives


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