Balboa Park December Nights

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2018 Entertainer Pre-Application


About December Nights

Balboa Park December Nights is San Diego’s largest free festival with more than 350,000 guests. During the 2-day event, guests enjoy artistic performances, feast on delicious and diverse culinary treats and experience Balboa Park museums, free of charge, during a portion of each evening of the event.

2018 Event Dates

Friday, Dec. 7, 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 8, Noon - 11 p.m.

Entertainer Pre-Application Process

Requests from entertainers seeking to perform on one of the 5 stages at December Nights has steadily increased. Due to the number of entertainers that would like to perform at the event, the Entertainer Pre-Application has been established. December Nights is a civic event and all performances are voluntary and unpaid. 

Plans for the 2018 event include increasing the variety of individual and performance groups; particularly to highlight the diverse music and dance cultures of San Diego. To be considered for the 2018 event, please complete the online Entertainer Pre-Application. Entertainer Pre-Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until all spaces are filled.  Submission of the Entertainer Pre-Application does not guarantee acceptance.

Entertainer Notification Process

The Entertainment Coordinator will begin notification to all applicants during the summer of 2018.  All selected performers will be required to complete the Performer Registration Package which includes detailed information regarding the performance groups, stage needs, etc.

Entertainer Pre-Application Form

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Crowd at the Organ Pavilion during December Nights
Crowd at the Prado during December Nights
Nutcracker performance at December Nights
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