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Our Customer Service Commitment

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To ensure quality development by delivering consistent, transparent and effective customer service to all stakeholders.


To employ an engaged workforce and utilize superior technology in the streamlined delivery of services.

Guaranteed Second Opinion

The City of San Diego Development Services Department is dedicated to meeting customer service needs; staff welcomes the opportunity to seek additional clarification.  If a customer disagrees with a staff interpretation, City staff or the customer may request a second opinion from the supervisor, senior staff member or the project manager.  If the issue cannot be resolved via a Second Opinion, the customer may seek a Project Issue Resolution Conference.

Project Issue Resolution Conference

Project Issue Resolution (PIR) conferences provide customers an opportunity to have issues heard and considered by executive department management. A PIR will be considered if, after the issuance of the third Assessment Letter for discretionary projects, customers and staff have been unable to resolve project issues. For ministerial projects, PIR conferences may be requested by the applicant after the third cycle review comments are issued.  Relevant City staff, applicant and applicant consultant(s) as deemed appropriate, must attend.  Determinations resulting from the PIR process are solely intended to break review log-jams and streamline the permit review process.  The PIR would address issues such as disagreements between the applicant and staff on interpretations of codes or ordinances, requests for additional information or studies, or project-related processing requirements. Any determinations from a PIR are not binding on any City decision-making body, such as City Council, Planning Commission, or Hearing Officer. Qualifying PIR requests should be coordinated with the assigned Development Project Manager (discretionary) or specific reviewer (ministerial).

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