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Executive Team


Elyse Lowe
[email protected]

Administration and Financial Services Division

Lisa Celaya
Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Administrative and Financial Services Division provides overall administrative support to the Development Services Department (DSD), the public, and other City departments. Core responsibilities include fiscal and procurement support, grant management, human resources, payroll, accounting and cashier services. In addition, the division is responsible for maintaining records of construction plans and permits on City property dating back to 1955.

Building Construction and Safety Division

Afsaneh Ahmadi, P.E.
Chief Building Official, Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Building Construction and Safety Division includes building project plan review and inspection sections, including structural, electrical, mechanical, life/safety, research and ministerial project management. The primary function of the division is to plan review and inspect projects for compliance with the building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, accessibility, energy and green codes and other related state and local laws.

Code Enforcement Division

Leslie Sennett
Acting Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Code Enforcement Division investigates and enforces code violations related to land use, development regulations, building and housing codes, abandoned properties, disabled access and noise regulations.

Engineering Division

Gregory P. Hopkins, P.L.S.
Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Engineering Division includes the discretionary engineering and transportation sections, along with the drainage and grades, traffic safety, water and sewer, stormwater, geology, mapping, addressing and street naming sections. Its primary function is to review all permits, engineering and mapping related approvals at the discretionary and ministerial level for compliance to federal, state and local regulations.

Innovation and Technology Division

Karen Dennison
Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Innovation and Technology Division is responsible for leading process improvement initiatives that help optimize service delivery, as well as managing the information and data services for DSD. The Division serves as the technology liaison between DSD, the Department of Information Technology, other City departments, and City information technology vendors. Working with these sources, the Division implements, monitors and manages automation solutions for the Department’s daily business needs.

Land Development Review Division

Gary Geiler
Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Land Development Review Division includes Planning, Zoning, Landscaping, Environmental, and Historic.  These disciplines review ministerial and discretionary projects for compliance with the Land Development Code, Community Plans, the General Plan as well as compliance with other City, State, and Federal regulations.

Project Submittal and Management Division

Michelle Sokolowski
Deputy Director
[email protected]

The Project Submittal and Management Division is responsible for processing the City's land development projects. The Project Management section manages both private and public discretionary projects and provides legislative support for the City's Hearing Officer, Planning Commission, and Historical Resources Board. The Submitted Project Processing section handles construction and development permit project submittal and issuance functions.

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