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Large Project Permits

Large or complicated projects will require that plans and documents be submitted to Development Services for a review, which means that the plans and documents won?t be reviewed while you wait. The amount of time needed to review the information will depend on the complexity of the project.

Completeness Review

Before plans or documents can be accepted by Development Services, staff will review the information to determine if it?s complete and ready for submission.

  • Reviews While You Wait
    Projects, such as a large addition to your home, can be reviewed for completeness while you wait.
  • In-depth Reviews
    Larger projects, such as a high-rise building, Conditional Use Permit or a new subdivision map, will need to be left with Development Services for a more in-depth review to determine completeness. This may take a few weeks.

Project Submittal

Once Development Services staff has verified all the necessary documents are provided and are accurate, an appointment will be scheduled for complete document submission. To learn more about completeness review and the submittal process, see the Project Submittal Manual.

Required permits or approvals will vary depending on where your project is located. Before preparing plans or documents for any project, please take a moment and go to the next step, Site Information.

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