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List of Reviewing Disciplines for Discretionary Permits

  • PDF icon Community Planning (PDF) - Reviews discretionary projects for consistency with policy documents (e.g., Community Plan, Local Coastal Plan, General Plan, etc.)
  • Engineering review - Reviews all projects to determine public improvement and grading permit requirements.
  • Environmental - Provides interpretation on project related environmental issues based on the applicant’s project description (note: it is usually not possible to determine the type of environmental document required during the preliminary review process). Determines need for site-specific survey and location of potential historical resources.
  • Facilities Financing - Assesses Housing Impact, Facilities Benefit Assessment and Development Impact Fees
  • Fire Reviews - projects for occupancy classification where hazardous materials will be stored, fire sprinkler, smoke control regulations, and for compliance with the California Fire Code.
  • Geology - Reviews projects for geotechnical compliance with the California Building Code and Land Development Code.
  • Historical Resources - Applicants can seek early input from Historical Resources Board staff about whether the proposed modifications to designated or potentially historical sites are in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.
  • Landscape Plan Review - Reviews projects for compliance with the Land Development Code: Landscape Regulations and the Land Development Manual: Landscape Standards.
  • Map Check - Reviews applications for Tentative Maps, public right-of-way vacations and easement abandonments.
  • Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) - Reviews projects for compliance with the MSCP.
  • Park and Recreation - Reviews all projects for open space dedication requirements and impacts to open space.
  • Planning - Reviews all discretionary projects for compliance with land use and property development regulations of the Land Development Code and ministerial projects within Planned Districts and some overlay zones.
  • Transportation Development - Reviews discretionary projects for transportation issues including right-of-way requirements, parking, access and other Land Development Code transportation issues. Also reviews transportation impact studies as part of the environmental review process.
  • Wastewater - Reviews discretionary projects for wastewater issues. Reviews ministerial grading and public right-of-way permits for impacts to wastewater facilities. Prepares Will-Serve letters (a commitment letter from the City of San Diego to provide wastewater services). Reviews/approves Sewer Studies.
  • Water - Reviews discretionary projects for water issues. Reviews ministerial projects for grading and public right-of-way permits for water issues. Prepares Will-Serve letters (a commitment letter from the City of San Diego to provide water services ). Reviews/approves Water Studies.
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