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Development Project Manager (DPM)

At the beginning of the discretionary review, the City will assign a Development Project Manager (DPM) to you as your single point of contact for the review process. You will be asked to initially submit various documents, plans and information regarding your project and make changes to those plans based on staff review of your proposal. Your DPM will guide you through the process. You can also view the PDF icon Project Management Geographic Areas to see contacts for your community.

Your project will be distributed to various review disciplines (such as Engineering, Transportation, Landscaping, Planning, etc.) and your DPM will coordinate that review, providing you the results at the end of each review cycle. Once you have made all the requested changes to your plans and all review issues have been adequately addressed, your DPM will schedule your project for the hearing and present it to the decision maker. In addition to City staff comments, the decision maker will also consider input from the recognized Community Planning Group in your project area. Members from the public within 300 feet of your project location will be sent a notice of the hearing and may attend the hearing and comment on your project.


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