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Building Plans FAQs

How do I make changes to plans that are already approved?

There are several procedures for obtaining approval for changes in construction plans that have already been approved for permits. PDF icon Read more – Information Bulletin 118 – How to Process Construction Changes to Permitted Plans

How do I prepare a plot plan and vicinity map?

With the exception of minor interior alterations, all plans submitted to the City for a building permit require a plot plan, including a vicinity map. PDF icon Read more - Information Bulletin 122 - Site Plan and Vicinity Map.

How do I prepare a building plans for a single family addition?

Requirements for additions and alterations to residential single dwelling units and duplexes. PDF icon Read more - Information Bulletin 140 - Residential Addition/Alteration.

Do I need to hire a Landscape Architect to prepare my landscape plans?

It is strongly recommended that a professional help you with your plans. Landscape Architects are licensed by the State of California to prepare plans for site work, landscape and irrigation. Since they are highly trained, the review process is often shorter, which may save you money. A Landscape Architect is specifically required to prepare plans where the City Engineer has authorized steeper slopes than minimum code regulations allow (see PDF icon LDC Section 142.0133[a-d]).

When do I need to provide the Landscape Plan?

Landscape plans are required for all projects except for a single family home on a single family zoned lot without erosion control or brush management concerns. Refer to PDF icon LDC Table 142-04A for Landscape Applicability.

What do I need to show on my landscape plans?

The Submittal Requirements documents contain detailed information about the initial information required on your landscape plans.

Also see the PDF icon Municipal Code, Landscape Section and PDF icon Land Development Manual: Landscape Standards for additional information.

Can I change my design after it has been approved?

If you are contemplating making changes to your project after a discretionary permit has been approved by the City, your project will need to undergo a Substantial Conformance Review (SCR). For more information see


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