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MMC Mitigation Monitoring Coordination

Mitigation Monitoring Coordination (MMC) is a section of the Development Services Department (DSD) Land Development Review (LDR) Division. This section is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program (MMRP) during all phases of the construction process.

MMC coordinates the monitoring of development projects and requires that changes are approved and implemented to be in conformance with the permit requirements and to minimize any damage to the environment. This includes review of permit conditions, project features shown on the plans, specifications, referenced documents, and bond releases.

MMC serves as the primary liaison between LDR and the field. MMC assists Field Engineering, Building Inspectors, and Public/Private developers, who are all jointly responsible for ensuring that the MMRP is implemented.

General Contact Information

Note: Send all document/ reports to MMC for approval to the address below.

Mitigation Monitoring Coordination (MMC)
Development Services Department
9601 Ridgehaven Ct / Suite 220 MS1102B
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 627-3360 - Mitigation Monitoring Coordination (MMC) and Landscape Inspections
(858) 492-5070 - Building Inspections (all inspections not related to MMC or landscape)

Specific MMC Staff Contacts

Chris Brennen
(619) 980-8530
[email protected]
Associate Planner - MMC - Private Projects

Rudy Bilan
(619) 665-1674
[email protected]
Associate Planner - MMC - Public/City of San Diego Projects

Krassimir Tzonov
(619) 980-7208
[email protected]
Associate Planner - Landscape Inspections

Sam Johnson
(619) 990-3732
[email protected]
Senior Planner

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