Grading & Right-of-Way Permit Issuance

If your plans were submitted on D-sheets (24" x 36"), then your mylars have been approved and signed by the City Engineer. If your plans were submitted on Construction Plans (11" x 17"), then all disciplines have "signed-off" on the plans.

For issuance of a right-of-way permit on a PDF icon Construction Plan (DS-3179) , call (619) 446-5063 to find out exactly what remaining fees are due and to schedule an appointment for permit issuance.

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For grading and right-of-way permits on D-sheets, call (619) 446-5152 to find out the exact bonding requirements, fees due, and to schedule an appointment for permit issuance. You will be required to submit a "print package" consisting of 8 sets of plans in addition to the original signed mylars.

Fees & Deposits

Prepared to pay all PDF icon issuance fees and inspection deposits . Your check to cover fees should be made out to: City Treasurer. You can pay your invoice at the Development Services Center Cashier's Booth located on the 3rd floor, near the building exit. See additional information in Time and Costs section.

When all necessary documents are provided and all fees paid, the City will issue the grading or right-of-way permit. Once permits have issued, then work can begin! See Inspection for the next step in the process.